Your Paradise

Your Paradise…

…is not your average musical getaway, our unique concept offers so much more.
Your Paradise is about the community created, the ‘once in a lifetime memories’, the impromptu musical moments and the wide range of activities and experiences available which enrich the overall experience, adding to the magic of the event. Here is the low down on some of the essentials to consider for Your Paradise Fiji 2017!

Musical Madness: Introducing the artists

Music is the heartbeat of this event, with artists converging from different levels of different genres, from all over the world. Check out our YP17 lineup: Billy Kenny • Carmada • C atz n Dogz • Dena Amy • Hot Dub Time Machine • Hydraulix • J AUZ • Justin Martin • LDRU • Mija • NGHTMRE • Oski • OWSLA All Stars • Running Touch (DJ Set) • Snakehips • Yahtzel (DJ Set)

You are more than likely to meet the artists in person; at breakfast, in the surf and at many of the epic parties that the island has to offer!

Your Paradise can be described as a small community of music lovers and industry heads, brought together for an intimate musical experience, with the artists all staying at the resort alongside guests for the week long event.

Some like to keep to themselves and this should be respected. Whilst others (Cut Snake, Chris Lorenzo & Justin Martin to name a few!) have shown a tendency to get lost among the revellers, meeting & greeting, dancing, laughing and participating in “shoeys” with partygoers until the sun rises.

Getting wet with Skrillex. Pic: MY Media

An International Affair: Prepare the passports

Get your passport ready! The Your Paradise team book each and every one of your flights from Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane to Fiji and back home again.

We also look after the ground and sea transportation to get you to your final destination; Plantation Island!

BUT (and it’s a big but…) this is all conditional on you getting through the airport gates! Please check the expiry date of your passport – you will need it to be valid for at least 6 months after your final travel date!

And for those of you who don’t have a passport yet, now is the time to apply for one – these things take time so don’t leave it too late – we cannot stress this enough!

Explore Beyond the Island: Add-ons

For those who want to kick their vacation up a notch, adding on some bonus extras might just be the perfect answer. By individually tailoring the Your Paradise experience you can build your very own adventure, allowing you to create your ultimate getaway!

Sunset cruises through the Fijian islands, Pizza parties on a pumping party pontoon, Dancing wild and free on a Sandbank oasis otherwise hidden beneath the ocean by high-tide, and Leaping from an airplane 7,000 feet above it all are just a small selection of what we have on offer.

The add-on parties feature exclusive performances from many of our artists – so be warned: they always sell out fast!

Begin thinking about what would make this experience the trip of a lifetime for you and watch closely for the unique extras to go on sale through your customer portal.

Brewing up a storm on the Fiji One Cruise add-on. Pic: MY Media.


Although English is actually Fiji’s official language, traditional words from the Fijian iTaukei language permeate general conversation. Here are a few words to get you started before you land…

First and foremost is ‘Bula,’ meaning hello. The literal meaning of the word is ‘life’ – the full Fijian greeting is a wishing of happiness and good health, but simply using ‘Bula!’ is just fine.

‘Vinaka’ is the other term you’ll hear used often, meaning ‘thank you’ or ‘you’re welcome’. Learning a few extra words may help you to impress the local staff, guests efforts are always appreciated. You will likely get to know many of the locals during the event, as they are a very warm and welcoming crew.

Family, Tribe, Culture, Vibe

The island gets intimate. Fact.

You’ll recognise your fellow punters as the event advances, dancing together, drinking together, laughing together, some even sleeping together! Leaving on the final day becomes a tear-jerking farewell! With new friends (and perhaps new loves) departing back to whichever corners of Australia and beyond that we all arrived from. A beautiful aspect of the Your Paradise experience is this boutique scale.

Whether you are flying solo or with a crew, a sense of community and family spirit inevitably develops, bringing together the positive vibes and communal attitudes that we all aim to cultivate. All guests will be invited to our very own private Facebook group.

During the lead-up it can be used for any info, questions, tips & pics you may have. And after the event it develops to becomes a platform for you to all share your memories, keep in touch with one another and is widely recognised as the newest generation of the Your Paradise family.

Some of the ‘16 tribe bringing it all together. Pic: MY Media