15 Things you will learn at your first ever Your Paradise…

1. Fijians are the friendliest people on Earth.

2. Life is just SO much more fun in a Hawaiian shirt.

3. Heaven is a place on earth …It’s called Cloud 9.

4. Your circle of friends will grow larger by the day.

5. The locals are the ones who ​really​ know how to get the party started!

6. There are two types of people in this world; You are either a beach bunny or a full adrenaline junkie. There is no in between.

7. Fancy dress is 100% appropriate, anywhere, anytime…

8. It is impossible to get tired of eating Pizza. Fact.

9. Sleeping on the beach is always a vibe… day or night.

10. There is no sunset on Earth quite like a Fiji sunset.

11. The ocean is a solid hangover cure and should never be underestimated!

12. If you’re not barefoot then you’re overdressed!

13. Fijian culture is rich and ready for you to explore. When the Fijians turn it up, it’s ON!

14. Romance happens when and where you least expect it to.

15. Your friends are totally bonkers – but you love them anyway…